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This is pissing me off...
Ozawa, here is your Friday update about PVE! Well, that was a joke XD
A break has 'solved' the issue I was having with all of the dCCGs/TCGs I was playing for a while, but not Hex. Hex has decided it still doesn't want me.
I can't deny I didn't make value from the draft, but it's just so... Ugh. I feel like I could account for screw and flood, once, so that it ruined less than 33% of my games, at least. Now It's overpowering more like 55% from my last dozen or so draft
Game 2 a 0 shard opening hand, mull to a 3 shard hand, keep, and then after 2 Haunting Cries I end up almost only drawing shards, ending 9 to my opponents' 5. Did I mention my opponent fielded 3 colors easily almost without fixing?
High quality cards across the board, more removal than ever, and still a round 2 0-2 loss. Opening hand is 5 wild shards and 2 blood troops, mulligan to 3 blood shards and keep, and in 8 turns never draw a wild causing me to lose with a hand of wild.
Made one of the stronger Shoku draft decks I've made. 2 Exporesions, 4 Gruesome Deeds, Mightsinger of Ages, 2 Death's Head Riders, excellent suite of top-end and mid-range troops.
Even after a long break, I'm just getting myself pissed more often than not playing Hex.

TUC presents the second Gold Rush Marathon in support of Extra Life and the Hex Charity Stream. See the announement on the official Hex forums here.

As it turns out we were asked to do a reveal - thank you very much, HXE!

Hello Mateys!

Running alongside the official Sea Festival 2016 we have a guild-internal extra event!

The challenge is easy: Build an Arena deck around The Kraken, document the process and record the results (screen shots). All those entries will be rated on success, originality and quality of due process in equal terms for a final score.

For more information, click here!

The hottest gaming event of the year (any year, really) is nearly upon us - GenCon in Indianapolis.

If you are one of the lucky ones to go and would like to meet your guild mates - look into this thread!

The Army of Myth Challenge event has been an ongoing project - too daunting for many, but a great and very much fun challenge for others.

My records show that we currently have:

3 Supreme Grand Masters
1 Grand Master
5 Masters
4 Apprentices

After hearing your opinions we have decided to let it continue indefinitely - sometimes the challenge to face the Arena with just a new deck is just enough motivation instead of doing "just another Arena run". There were several voices who claimed not to have participated because of the time limit. This is your chance now!

For more information click here.