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1 Jack out of 4 runs does not conform to the given drop ratio ;-).
Entry is back! Yes Yewstance, there is a quizz for the week, check out the link or Friday's update.
Also, what's that about a Hex Quiz?
-off the top.
Ew. 3 Lazgar's Bloodsworn, 2 Boltspasms, bunch of great 2-3 cost cards, and I'm insta-eliminated in a draft for drawing 6 shard hand mull to a 5 shard hand (and topdecking 3 more) then 3 shard hand with only 4+ cost cards, and draw my only 2 6 costs-
I just got in at rank 160 with 223 points. Oops.
if someone think that im trustworthy person, ill appreciate some good word as recomendation here [link]
maybe system somehow linked you with someone else and deleted 2nd attempt?
Seems like my entry disappeared with 709 points. I contacted Dinotropia about it, so don't be surprised if I don't appear there XD
I dont see you on 1st place, did the ykicked you out?

Illustration: Tar Pit (c) Lorenzo Sperlonga

Just in case you didn't notice - we have launched a new initiative: Recording and awarding the most fun-to-play decks you can possibly take into the arena. Sure, pretty much nothing beats a Slaughtergear deck, but do you really want to play that the 120th time? Or maybe you can't up with the cards for it? Look into our monthly threads for new inspiration - and try to get your own deck elected as deck of the month!

Without further ado, the TUC Arena Deck of the Month for September 2016 is...

Dargon, by Crispymayhem (not a TUC member)

Congratulations - that deck is really, really fun to play. Who wouldn't want to turn into a dragon?

Post your own fun arena decks in the Deck of the Month October thread!

Grahic reused from Twitter post by @Silent_Snake76.

Justiis Thanks guys :d Sorry about the delayed response, I rarely come to the home page as I'm generally lurking on the for...
TiberiusOmega Congrats! I must say the Hierophant Gem choice is just brilliant! :d
Paxe Grats! I saw a post on Redit and I recognized your name!

TUC presents the second Gold Rush Marathon in support of Extra Life and the Hex Charity Stream. See the announement on the official Hex forums here.

As it turns out we were asked to do a reveal - thank you very much, HXE!

Hello Mateys!

Running alongside the official Sea Festival 2016 we have a guild-internal extra event!

The challenge is easy: Build an Arena deck around The Kraken, document the process and record the results (screen shots). All those entries will be rated on success, originality and quality of due process in equal terms for a final score.

For more information, click here!