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Are the Bloodsworn even good? Constantina wasn't.
20 new Champions + 1 extra! < The extra is the parangon ? Or I missed one ?
Lazgars Bloodsworn is a bit silly. I'm really liking a lot of these cards though, most recently Forever's Bloom :p
Soooo many Nulzan cards good lord
Indeed this set should be called "curvefall" ^^ Love Halt : "I Ripost your card" "Halt!" =)
Also on a lore perspective really loving all of wildshaper kalibans flavor
That Which Does Not Exist is so cool!
woooooow lazgars bloodsworn that is curve bending to a whole new level
wowzers chaos gate is a meaty card

Exclusive Set 5 preview

AstaSyneri posted Wed at 7:53

As it turns out we were asked to do a reveal - thank you very much, HXE!

Hello Mateys!

Running alongside the official Sea Festival 2016 we have a guild-internal extra event!

The challenge is easy: Build an Arena deck around The Kraken, document the process and record the results (screen shots). All those entries will be rated on success, originality and quality of due process in equal terms for a final score.

For more information, click here!

The hottest gaming event of the year (any year, really) is nearly upon us - GenCon in Indianapolis.

If you are one of the lucky ones to go and would like to meet your guild mates - look into this thread!

The Army of Myth Challenge event has been an ongoing project - too daunting for many, but a great and very much fun challenge for others.

My records show that we currently have:

3 Supreme Grand Masters
1 Grand Master
5 Masters
4 Apprentices

After hearing your opinions we have decided to let it continue indefinitely - sometimes the challenge to face the Arena with just a new deck is just enough motivation instead of doing "just another Arena run". There were several voices who claimed not to have participated because of the time limit. This is your chance now!

For more information click here.

Calling All Members

AstaSyneri posted Mar 18, 16

Greetings to the Council,

The Unnamed Council needs you! We're looking for interested guild members to work on some guild projects. Want to do something for the guild but project work isn't for you? We've also got a week-long gold rush event coming soon.


There have been plans for the guild to make a Hex wiki since the days when all we had to fill it with was speculation and dreams. Now we want to turn those plans into a reality. We want to build on what you started with Operation Chocolately Center, and make a wiki that will be the envy of all Entrath. Between the many PvE experts and lore hounds in the guild, we definitely have what it takes to make something special. But we can't do it without your help.

If you are interested in helping with this project, please head over to our sign up thread and let us know. We are especially looking for some dedicated members who would be willing to form our core wiki development team, but all levels and forms of contribution are welcome.


LeM proposed this guild project: to work together to create a list of PvE decks that can be built by players on a budget. This would be a great resource for our members, particular for anyone who plans to raise most of their in-game funds by playing PvE. It would also help some of our more experienced players who are looking to add some variety to their PvE experience with different decks.

If you're interested check out LeM's thread here. Share your ideas, your thoughts on the project, or just let us know that you're interested in working on it.


Last year, in our first ever gold rush event, FlyingMeatChip challenged the guild to win as much gold from the arena as we could in three days, and we raised nearly 1 million gold! This time we get an entire week. How much gold can we raise? From March 20th through March 26th donate gold you earn in PvE to the guild, and we'll find out.

For more details on this event, see the dedicated thread. While you're there feel free to ask any questions, talk about the event, or sign up with a pledge.

Yours, Kurasa