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-Immortal Format as if it were legal in the Standard Format". Cute, but probably unnecessary design space. If they really want to, they'll just reprint them.
-Standard Format they are legal in until they themselves rotate, but Buffalord seems a viable example of where this could be applied. "For each Buffalord in your deck, you may include up to one copy of each Buffalo troop legal in the -
Speaking of the Buffalord...might be interesting if future design space allowed for Deckbuilding rules that over-rode Standard/Immortal restrictions. It would have to be limited to cards that are highly likely too weak for significant play in the -
Not excellent, of course. But solid.
Love the spoiled common, Storm Rider. Playable common that does more to *slow* matches down than speed them up, with the potential of un-doing problem Rage or Valor bonuses, and acting as an air blocker and attacker. Happy to see.
Also, just slightly annoyed that Buffalord is released when Buffalos are starting to rotate out :p
That would be very unfortunate as i took my vacation with SoW in mind. Hard to hit it when you need to put on notice and last time i think they announced the release less than a week in advance :(
I always assumed end-of-February. But at this rate I'm switching it to mid-March.
...and also because the Ardor Day delay seems to be a bit worrying (considering V day was a week ago, and still no word that Ive heard on that events start date).
So we've seen approximately half of the new set, any thoughts on release date? I ask in part because i will be on vacation 10 days starting Friday...

I am Aethynia, an Avatar of Hope and child of Aurora.

Don't be afraid by this bright light, as it will cure wounds and ease your mind. Come closer, let me see you... What is your name? And please, let me know your objective and why you seek my help.

These are sacred grounds and have been preserved through the ages. If your heart is pure, I will lend you my powers and accompany you in your journey."

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Lieutenant Galswynn made a splendid figure upon his pegasus, and he knew it. Being promoted into the Spearcliff Wing had been just the right career move - now the only thing he needed to do was survive this darn war. Being sent to protect the princess' uncle on yet another scientific exploration left mixed feelings with him. This should have been an easy assignment, but tongues twittered that Sir Timotheus Hibbernathy had a knack for getting into trouble.

He was snagged roughly out of his reveries when his winged horse cried out. Some rough-looking bum with an eye patch over his left eye had just jerked at his saddle, almost throwing him to the ground. His attempt to hold on to the saddle thorn left him in a less than elegant position.

Nearly choking from anger he looked into the calm scar-pitted face of a total stranger. "Your cinches weren't fastened properly. Could be fatal, that," the stranger said. "And is that rust I spot on your sword?"

With that the stranger clad in old, cracked leathers turned away to apparently inspect the rest of the troop.

Galswynn nearly choked on his rage, so all he could sputter out was: "Who, what, who... I'll see that man hanged!"

"I would advise against that, sir!" Sergeant Fitz, his wing sergeant who seemingly had appeared out of nowhere, replied. "That is Augustine."

"Augustine? Who in the Kraken's arse is that?"

Fitz quizzically looked up at the young lieutenant, before he responded, "A living legend, sir. In a forlorn battle, he is the man you want to have by your side. He's done it again and again. That axe is carrying? People say he forged it in a Dwarven forge himself, after he killed 'em stunties all. Nearly no survivors to his own side either. We can count ourselves lucky to have him along."

Galswynn darkly looked at the receding figure, "We'll see about that, we'll see."

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As the master of the best equipped armory in all of Entrath, I've seen my fair share of armies from all over the world (or under it...). I don't care who you are, if you have the coin, then I have what you need. Just don't ask me for armor for your dog...

Over the years I've seen quite the collection of misfit groups, but one of them really made me a fortune. Every time a Shin'hare commander pays a visit I make quite the sum, but this one was different. For years at a time he would come back every few months, and I'm pretty sure he was buying armor faster than the little buggers could repopulate, if you can believe that. Sometimes I wondered if they were somehow still going after their armor was destroyed, but I know my quality. If it was enough to damage something I sold, then the wearer is no longer living.

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Hex Entertainment promotes on player per year to the status of Exalted for his contributions to the game in general. We at TUC don't have that, but we also have members who go beyond the call of duty - and beyond the scope of the game - to do what they feel is fair and right.

For this we have established a small recognition - the TUC Badge of Honor.

We also have a first recipient: Kurasa!

Kurasa not only has tirelessly been in charge of accepting new members into our fold, he has gone way beyond this by establishing TUC as a force in the Hex charity events several years in a row now.

For this endeavors and unending energy TUC awards Kurasa the 1st TUC Badge of Honor!

"Greetingsss adventurer,

What a foolish move... coming all this way up and alone in my lair, only to end up your journey far from your beloved ones...

Hooo, my mistake, you're not alone it seems... but neither am I! Look at all these little eigth legged friends I have. They've not been feeding properly recently, gnoll meat isn't exactly a... fine meal *smirk*

So, what it is you seek? Think twice and watch your next words before you speak. I'm in a playful mood today, and I shall spare your lives if you entertain me enough. Otherwise, you could end up in one of these giant cocoons, or worse..."

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